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The Perberry Jacket Review

The Perberry Jacket Review


Just wanted to say thank you to your company and Dan who contacted me in response regarding some of the questions and concerns I had.

I saw an ad for the Planet Express jacket on Facebook through Teezoos. I did some further searching and found your website which seemed more credible and trustworthy but still had doubts. John put me at ease and was happy to answer my questions promptly.

From placing the order to receiving both my jackets (Planet Express and Mr Plow) the process was really fast and I was notified as soon as the jackets were ready and being shipped. The website was easy to use and your range is fantastic.

I just received both a little over 3 weeks from ordering and am certainly interested in purchasing another Planet Express jacket, the quality of the jackets is great, they are warm, comfortable and definitely glad I was advised to go a size larger for a comfortable fit.

If you have links to leave reviews I would be glad to leave one, thank you again.



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Friday, April 13, 2020, 8:37 PM EST.

The Perberry Tie Review

The Perberry Tie Review

Background: After nine years working in banking in the United States, David Chiellini was tired of dealing with men who didn't know how to properly wear a tie. All too often their ties clashed with their suits, would get scruffily thrown over their shoulders, or simply hang at odd angles. Chiellini has been looking for a tie brand that would not only provide stylish ties for professionals but also make sure they wore them right.

Why we love it: first and foremost we adore the patterns, bright colors and playfully printed choices, such as the dodo birds. All of the ties are 100 percent silk (both woven and printed) with a wool-cotton interlining that provides enough substance for a chunky knot and straight drape. The graphics are precise and vivid. Each tie comes with a card telling you which colors to wear it with, and a small transparent plastic fixture that anchors the tie to a shirt button. How has no one thought of this before?

What we'd pick: although normally suckers for more graphic ties, in this case, we'd go for the Planet Express tie in red ($19.99): a smart, raffish tie that would go nicely with a summer ensemble or add a splash of color to a navy business suit. Pickle Rick tie in black (above; $25.99) is a fun choice for more conservative dressers.

Where can you get it? Sold only at stores in the US, the best way to pick up a Dark Knot tie here is via its website: ($3.99 shipping fee to Hong Kong and everywhere else).