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Per, as an English prefix, means "through", "utterly" and "very". Berries are small, roundish juicy fruits that are good for your health. They are often sweet or sour in taste and colorful in appearance. We at Perberry believe that lives are better with refreshing creativity, something that adds a bit of flavor to our daily routines. Therefore, we've created the brand Perberry. We want you to enjoy just a little bit more of your lives.

We are a small company based of Shenzhen, a tech city in Southern China known as the "Silicon Valley of China". Our humbling starting point was a supply chain team that help big brands outsource their productions throughout Asia region. We believe that everyone should have the world's manufacturing capacity as their own hands, especially the creators. Therefore, we've grown our online presence to provide merchandizing services to designer and artists.

Our factories are located in China. We marry our manufacturing capacity with the boundless creativity of our global designers to give you a bit of sweet and sour tastes. Some of these designs shows your passion and pride in something, others allow you to offer a sense of humor to the people around you. No matter what you feel like wearing in the morning, we have the one apparel for you. You can either follow through the navigation menu to find them, or tap into the powerful search engine at top of the page. Once we receive your order, we will hand-make your products and deliver them to you.

Our corporate address is: 3069 Caitian Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Our phone number is: +86 185-3827-9492 

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